Absolute Poker cheating
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Absolute Poker cheating

online poker cheating

online poker cheat

online poker scams

Absolute Poker cheating


Absolute Poker cheating

Absolute Poker Ends Their Denial And Seeks Help - 10-17-07

Author: Marc Weinberg

October 17 - It is every online poker room's worst nightmare - a security breach from within that compromises integrity, chases away your high stakes players, and erodes your greatest commodity, trust. Responding to that nightmare, however, determines whether you stay in business or disappear without a trace. For the past week it looked like Absolute Poker was going to need Anthony LaPaglia to find them, but today they have done the old 180 degree turnaround.

Now they're saying "hi, we're Absolute Poker and we have a problem", and moreover they're admitting that they need help to fix that problem. Thanks to some igenious and frighteningly clever detective work by several online poker players (Nat Arem and Todd Witteles chief amongst them) the fact that there was a cheater was conclusively established. In fact, they may have even found the identity of the crook, as former Absolute CEO, Scott Tom is now under investigation.

I felt that it wasn't some lowly customer service employee, but rather someone high up, and I'm just happy to learn that it wasn't Mark Seif! There is evidence that Tom might be implicated in all this, including email addresses, IP tracing, and a good deal of other information that has been posted on various online poker forums.

It is a good sign that Absolute are calling in independent third-party auditors to look at their software and systems. But they should also include members of the online poker community who were instrumental in discovering this scam, and in forcing AP to do something about it, other than deny it.

I also feel that Absolute Poker should do more than this. They need to issue a public statement explaining that their software was hacked from within, that it was a rogue incident, that they have taken steps to prevent it from ever happening again, and they're refunding (at their own cost if need be) all the players who were robbed and defrauded by this super-user.

Was it ex-CEO Scott Tom? Who is to say, but it was definitely someone who had been around Absolute Poker from the early days, and who knew his or her way around the backend as though it was their own personal backyard.

If you go to natarem.com or to neverwin.com, home of Todd Witteles' musings, you can get up to speed on this incredible story.

I'd just like to add that online poker's biggest strength, and what ensures it's long-term survival despite these incidents, is the community that has evolved around the game. It is very hard to thrive as an online poker cheat because players talk, they share hand histories, and they cannot all be fooled for long.

The fact that a very clever and nefarious criminal scheme was blown out of the water within two months is testament to that fact.

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online poker cheating
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