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Welcome to our online poker guide, dedicated to all beginners who want to play Texas Hold'em Poker but also focusing on teaching other poker rules for variants such as Omaha, Five-Card Stud, or even Chinese poker games. We will also guide you on how to play the games from the start until end of a hand plus all stages in between so you’re familiar with all the poker rules, plus find you online casino bonuses to match your play style. You can even organize and run your own home poker games with friends after reading these guides. At this point we should point out that if you're Swedish, then head to to learn about poker in your own language.

If you are new, knowing the value of poker hands is absolutely essential. In our poker rules section you can find a simplified classification of poker hands and you can also visit our poker rules pages that show the different rankings of poker hands for more detailed explanations. If you have doubts about the winner of a hand, do not hesitate to consult these tables as they are 100% accurate.

If you need the answer to a question about poker rules (especially for problems that may occur during the dealing of cards for example), then you may find the answer in our FAQ (frequently asked questions). Do not miss our poker glossary either, consult this poker dictionary and all poker rules will be explained in clear and easy to understand jargon-free terms. We also go into more depth about poker strategy, so be sure to visit our Poker Strategy section, which is one of the largest sources of articles on poker strategy on the world wide web next to

Different types of Poker games and how to play them

Here are the different guides for each type of poker game. Learn all their differences and find which type of poker games are your favourites.

Hold’em Showdown - A very popular type of poker played in an online casino. The aim of the game is to predict the outcome of the showdown between the player and the dealer!

Five Card Stud Poker- One of the original games of poker from way back when and the first to use cards face up. The aim is to produce the best hand from five cards.

Poker Rules for Beginners. A Basic Guide Showing How to Form a Winning Hand in the Game of Texas Hold’Em Poker

Poker rules for Texas Hold’Em state that Players must combine their hole cards with common or community cards to form the highest value poker hand made up of 5 cards. To do this, you can either use your two existing cards, either one of them, or sometimes even none! You can see more on this section from the supplied link.

Texas Hold’Em - Basic Poker Rules for the Game of Texas Hold’Em Poker and The Gameplay Featured in a Poker Hand

Texas Hold'em is a fast paced poker game variant that can be played by 2 people up to a maximum of 10 players. Here’s how to play Texas Hold’Em:

  • #1. Start of the Game - At the start of the poker game, one player becomes the dealer. This spot is represented by a ‘dealer button’ and changes after each hand in a clockwise direction. There are 2 players directly to the left of the dealer, they are known as the small and big ‘blinds’. Both of these positions require that the players in them at the time place bets of a predefined amount. These are the only two players to put money in before any cards are issued to players (excluding "antes" if applicable).
  • #2. First Round of Betting and the Flop - Each player is then dealt two down facing cards by the dealer. These are known as ‘pocket cards’ or ‘hole cards’ . Once all pocket cards have been dealt, the 1st round of betting begins with the player directly on the left-hand side of the big blind. That player can either fold (throw his cards), call (by placing chips equaling the the big blind amount) or raise ( by placing chips of at least twice the value of the big blind). The round continues in a clockwise direction with players having the choice between folding (throwing their cards), calling (matching the largest bet made before him to carry on) or raising. Once the first round of betting is complete, 3 cards are laid out in the center of the table. This is called the ‘flop’ and these cards can be used by all players (community cards).
  • #3. Second Round of Betting and the Turn Card - This second round of starts with the player still in play on the left side of the dealer button. This new round of betting, again in a clockwise direction, affords each player the options of checking (if no one has bet before), betting (or raising if someone has bet already), calling (matching the biggest bet made) or folding. When this round is finished, another community card is dealt on the center of the table. This is called the ‘turn’ card
  • #4. Third Round of Betting and the River Card - In the third round, betting starts with the player who is still in play and sitting on the left of the dealer button. This round works in exactly the same way as the second round of betting so you can check, bet, raise, call or fold. When this round of betting finishes, the 5th and last community card is dealt in the center of the table. This is known as the ‘river’ card
  • #5. Fourth and Final Round of Betting - The fourth and final round of betting begins once again with the first player seated to the left of the button and still in play, and operates on the same principle as the previous. The winner is determined by either the strongest hand or if your opponents fold out during betting.

By all means feel free to put this knowledge into practice with the free online poker games inside this link, or by looking for online casinos where you can play free poker.

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