Five Card Stud Poker

Five card stud poker Five card stud poker

Five card stud poker is a different kind of poker game in that it was one of the first that dealt open cards and displayed open player cards on the table. This way players could judge the strength of other hands they might be betting against. In five card stud the 1st card is dealt to players face down but the remaining 4 are dealt face up with players betting each round until the last round in which a winner is determined by the strongest hand. Let's no look at how to play 5 card stud poker.

How to play Five Card Stud Poker, rules and strategy for beginners

The game of five card stud is played with a traditional deck of 52 cards and up to 10 people. When you start a game of five card stud you are dealt 2 cards, one face down and one face up. In each subsequent round of betting you are dealt an additional card face up until you have 5 cards, 4 of which can be seen by other players. In this variant of poker betting starts with the player that shows the biggest visible hand no matter which round.

Betting is usually fixed so this type of poker is a ‘limit’ game type. There are no forced bets aside of what is known a ‘bring in bet’ which is different from an ante. Opening bets can be more than the minimum requirement. In subsequent rounds of betting only players with big hands (pairs or larger) showing are allowed to bet big bets.

The order of play in five card stud poker

Here is quick guide to the order of play in five card stud poker. It’s important to note that you must deal the cards in a clockwise direction and during a standard game of five card stud poker each stage of the game is played out as follows:

  • Stage #1. Players pay their ‘bring in bet’
  • Stage #2. The dealer deals 2 cards to each player, one face up and one face down then betting starts
  • Stage #3. The dealer deals 1 card (the third card) face up to each player then betting starts
  • Stage #4. The dealer deals 1 card (the fourth card) face up to players then betting starts again
  • Stage #5. The dealer deals 1 last card (the fifth card) face up to and the last round of betting starts
  • Stage #6. The remaining players show their hands and the best one wins.

Different variations of the game of five card stud poker

Five card stud poker has evolved over the years and as such players have developed many different versions based off of the original game. They’ve changed the names, rules, open/closed cards, everything conceivable to make a new version of this classic card game. When you have time in-between other poker games, check out our favourite 3 versions of 5 card stud - ‘Lowball’, ‘5 Card Hi Low’ and ‘Hi-Low plus Buy’. All three are very exciting adaptations of the classic five card stud format and we highly recommend trying them.

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